Family Book III

After years of recording the existing and newly added documents on the Autenrieth families and the Autenrieth descendants, the new Family Book III in 2 volumes entitled:

Autenrieth Familien
Autenrieth Nachkommen

Familienbuch III

Band 1/2

is printed and can be ordered immediately.

In the 2 volumes of Family Book III, data from the family books I and II were completely re-recorded and the existing errors in the assignment of individual persons corrected. In addition, all Authenrieth publications, such as circular letters until 2012, chronicles and memoranda, as well as data from folders which had not yet been evaluated, were summarized. A large number of new family data, not just from Autenrieth name bearers, were communicated.

Obviously, since there is a great need for information about the ancestors of persons who are no longer called Autenrieth, but who are descended from Autenrieth name bearers, these volumes also placed great emphasis on the depiction of these autenrieth descendants.

For this reason, these books will not only be a valuable reference book for the Autenrieth families, but will also show important family connections for many non-Autenrieth namespots.

It is, of course, not possible to include all the offspring in the large number of offspring, but at least those who have provided data for this collection have been listed.

In the present work, the Autenrieth strains were restructured and adapted to the latest findings. It has a volume of 1,266 pages with over 20,000 people in 2 volumes. A register of persons and places facilitates the search. For the individual families the sequence of the lineage is shown up to her father. Both volumes are always handed out together, and a single order of a book is not possible.

Contents of books:

  • Foreword
  • Description of the persons in the individual family tribes
  • People register
  • Location register
  • Evaluated sources

The price of the books was calculated very concisely and amounts to (for both volumes):

€ 30, – (for members)
€ 40, – (for non-members)

Plus packing and postage € 10, – (for domestic shipping).

The shipping costs for the foreign countries must be requested from the office. The books are ordered from the Bender family or from the Bender family:

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