Main goals

Family research for the following purposes:

  • The common interest here connects the families
  • It arouses historical interests “on a small scale” and becomes the key for the intellectual entry into the larger historical and political connections (a civic important task)
  • Development of scientific contributions in the field of historical basic sciences (genealogy, biography, heraldry, local and regional history, diplomacy)
  • It does not remain in the scientific “ivory tower”, but sees its relation to the present and tries to radiate into its family circles and society

The association

  • Sees himself as a link between his family and between old and young
  • Offers – especially on his family days – human encounters, through which numerous friendships have already been established
  • Has proved itself in the maintenance of manifold human contacts with relatives and friends in the former GDR
  • Is a link between the home country of Germany and the descendants of emigrated families
  • Offers, in particular, a niche of human security in our society, in particular also for elderly and single family members
  • Thus making an offer for the members and friends, which can be offered in this form by a few associations