Important personalities, whose memory keeps the association

Laurentius Autenrieth, 1483-1549

Abbot of the convent Lorch from 1525-1548
Writers (cf. “The Font Patterns of the Laurentius Autenrieth of 1520”)

Heinrich Friedrich Lebrecht von Autenried, 1729-1800

Dr. jur., Reichskammergerichtsassessor (Reichsadelsstand 1781, Reichsfreiherrenstand 1790)

Jakob Friedrich Autenrieth, 1740-1800

Teacher at the Hohen Carlsschule, board of trustees and Privy Councilor in Stuttgart (cf. “A court council travels to America”)

Johann Heinrich Ferdinand von Autenrieth, 1772-1835

Professor of Anatomy, Physiology and Surgery, since 1822 Registrar of the University of Tübingen

Karl Friedrich Autenrieth, 1777-1854

Since 1837 Oberhofgerichtskanzler in Mannheim

Hermann Friedrich Autenrieth, 1799-1874

Professor of medicine at the University of Tübingen

Georg Gottlieb Philipp Autenrieth, 1833-1900

1869 Gymnasialprofessor in Erlangen, since 1884 rector of the Melanchthon-Gymnasium in Nuremberg; Homer researcher and linguist, editor of numerous scientific publications

Edmund Friedrich Autenrieth, 1842-1910

Professor since 1873 at the Stuttgart Technical University

Wilhelm Ludwig Autenrieth, 1863-1926

Chemist, professor at the University of Freiburg, author of several standard works of chemistry


Important personalities as members

Hugo Borst, 1881-1967

Robert Bosch, a member of the Board of Management of the company Robert Bosch (until 1926), a Kunstmäzen in Stuttgart (a great-grandmother was Rosine Hess, born Autenrieth)

Kurt Walcher, 1891-1973

Professor of Legal Medicine, most recently at the University of Würzburg (his mother-in-law was Emma Schuler née Autenrieth)

Georg Emil Autenrieth, 1900-1983

Missionary, professor at the Sun Yat Sen University in China, most recently a priest in Kirchheim / Teck

Ludwig Audrieth, 1901-1967

Chemist, professor at the University of Urbana, Illinois / USA; 1959-1963 Science Attache at the American Embassy in Bonn

Theodor Schieder, 1908-1984

Historian, professor at the University of Cologne, a member of the Order Pour le merite for science and the arts (his mother was Margarete née Autenrieth)

Johanne Autenrieth, 1923-1996

Professor of Latin Philology of the Middle Ages at the University of Freiburg, em. (See the 65th birthday)