Membership fee

Our members have been demonstrating their loyalty to the Family Association for decades through the payment of annual contributions.
The contributions and, in some cases, generous donations allowed the association to finance all planned events and publications.

The annual contributions are NO fixed amounts.
The association merely provides a contribution guideline.
The amount of contributions shall be subject to one’s own discretion. Everyone should understand the contribution levels only as a guideline, who wants and can pay more, we are very grateful, who can pay less, has free hand, without this must explain.

Our bank account is:

Familienverband Autenrieth e.V., Stuttgart
Landesbank Baden-W├╝rttemberg

IBAN: DE07 6005 0101 0002 5797 42

Entry reference rate:

For working and earning
Euro 30,00 / year / USD 45,00 / year
(Couples and singles the same high, so also a couple pays only Euro 30,00 / USD 45,00)

For outside the professional life
Euro 18,00 / year / USD 28,00 / year
(Pensioners, retirees, widows, students)

For non-SEPA payers

As an alternative for payments from the non-SEPA area, the contributions can also be paid via PayPal directly to the account of our cashier at

Please note: Paypal takes a fee of 5% for payments from American accounts to German accounts (at least 0.99 USD, maximum 4.99 USD), plus 2.9% if the sender pays the money via a credit card, plus 0.30 USD or 0.35 EUR for currency conversion. Pleas add these fees to your transfer.

Instructions can be found at:

We ask for independent payment without warnings, their costs – forms, postage, time – to the expense of the other members go, and surely nobody wants!