Here you will find publications and articles related to Autenrieth researches, Autenrieth families or the family association Autenrieth founded 1902 e.V.

All publications on the family history of Autenrieth have received general scientific recognition.

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Familienverband Autenrieth e.V.
Rommentaler Str.39, 73114 Schlat

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300 Autenrieth-Briefmarke “120 Jahre Verband”, 85 Cent
(only in sheets of 20 pieces)
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206 Chronicle III of the Family Association Autenrieth 1992 – 2010
(Chronik III des Familienverbandes Autenrieth 1992 –  2010)
Publisher: Martin Autenrieth, 2018
Avilable from 10/13/2018
45,00 53,00
205 Supplementary sheets for the Family Book III
(Ergänzungsblätter für das Familienbuch III)
Summary of changes and additions to the pressure of the Family Book III
2,00 2,00
204 Family Book III
(Familienbuch III) (Discription)
Autenrieth families and Autenrieth descendants in 2 volumes
Summary of Family Books I + II, corrections, additions from Autenrieth research and person notifications. These volumes contain not only Autenrieth name bearers, but also their descendants.
Compiled: Rolf Nagel, 2013
It is a double band, a single band delivery is not possible!

30,00 40,00
101 Family Book I
Chronicle and parentheses of the families Autenrieth
(Familienbuch I
Chronik und Stammtafeln der Familien Autenrieth)
Researched and presented by the local pastor Hugo Schuler, 1925 (reprint 1989)
3,00 5,00
104 The letters of Laurentius Autenrieth
From the year 1520

(Die Schriftmuster des Laurentius Autenrieth
vom Jahre 1520)
Facsimile of the manuscript Cod.hist.4 ° 197 of the Württembergische Landesbibliothek Stuttgart with contributions by Wolfgang Irtenkauf and Werner Gebhardt, 1979
5,00 8,00
105 Family Pictures Autenrieth
(Familienbildnisse Autenrieth)
Published by: Universitätsarchiv Tübingen
Author: Bernd Autenrieth, 1985
5,00 8,00
106 A court council travels to America
Ein Hofrat reist nach Amerika)
Letters and reports Jakob Friedrich Autenrieths and his family from 1794/95
Publisher: Württembergische Geschichts- und Altertumsverein
Author: Bernd Autenrieth, 1988
8,00 10,00
107 Family archive Bernd Autenrieth (1630-1918)
(Familienarchiv Bernd Autenrieth (1630-1918))
Author: Bernd Autenrieth, 1993
3,00 6,00
108 Bernd Autenrieth on the seventy
(Bernd Autenrieth zum Siebzigsten)
A memorandum for Bernd Autenrieth on the occasion of his 70th birthday, 1994
Editor: Werner Gebhardt, with contributions by Hans-Martin Maurer, Stephan Molitor, Volker Schäfer
5,00 8,00
109 Between construction site and archive
(Zwischen Baustelle und Archiv)
Commemorative for Werner Gebhardt on the occasion of his 70th birthday, 1995
Publisher: Prof. Dr. Christoph Fromm and Bernd Autenrieth, with contributions, among others. From Dr. Otto-Günter Lonhard, Hans Ulrich Owner of Ruepprecht, Guido Freiherr von Autenried, Bernd Autenrieth, Prof. Dr. Christoph Fromm, Elisabeth Knevelkamp, Manfred Autenrieth
5,00 8,00
112 The records of the lords of Uttenried 1190-1580
(Die Urkunden der Herren von Uttenried 1190-1580)
With documents of former bourgeois Autenrieths, the places of Autenried and the lords of Ettelried
Author: Dr. Werner Gebhardt, 2000
10,00 15,00
113 Samuel Gerlach: Field preacher, court preacher, prelate (1609-1683)
(Samuel Gerlach: Feldprediger, Hofprediger, Prälat (1609-1683))
A Swabian priest between Mecklenburg, Holstein, Danzig and Wurttemberg
Author: Bernd Autenrieth, 2001
8,00 10,00
117 The end of a legend or the oldest Autenrieth in Asch
(Das Ende einer Legende oder die ältesten Autenrieth in Asch)
1968 essay by Dr. Otto-Günter Lonhard
1,00 2,00
118 The Autenrieth in the monastic dominance of Blaubeuren
(Die Autenrieth in der Klostergrundherrschaft Blaubeuren)
1968 essay by Dr. Otto-Günter Lonhard
1,00 2,00
119 The Audenried Genealogy
The American descendants of Johann Caspar Audenried
Translated by Dr. Heinz Autenrieth, 1971
1,00 2,00
120 Special print
Allgäuer history friend

(Sonderdruck aus
Allgäuer Geschichtsfreund)
Sheets for Home Research and Home Care, n ° 82
Essay 1982 by Werner Gebhardt:
“The special Gravamina of the municipality Obergünzburg before the Bauernkrieg”
1,00 2,00
122 Crest postcard
0,50 0,50
123 Crest Cards
Colored blanco for folding
1,00 1,20
127 Autenrieth stamp
(only in sheets of 20 pices)
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200 Chronicle II of the Family Association Autenrieth 1966-1991
(Chronik II des Familienverbandes Autenrieth 1966-1991)
Compiled and edited: Werner Gebhardt, 2001
10,00 20,00
201 Festschrift – 100 years of the Autenrieth family association
(Festschrift – 100 Jahre Familienverband Autenrieth)
Compiled and edited: Werner Gebhardt, 2001/2002
8,00 12,00
201a Festschrift – 100 years of the Autenrieth family association
(Festschrift – 100 Jahre Familienverband Autenrieth)
Compiled and edited: Werner Gebhardt, 2001/2002
10,00 15,00
202 Hugo Schuler: History and Stories of the Schuler Family
(Hugo Schuler: Geschichte und Geschichten der Familie Schuler)
Compiled and edited: Werner Gebhardt, 2002
5,00 8,00
203 Videofilm of the 100th anniversary celebration 2002
(Videofilm vom 100-jährigen Jubiläumsfest 2002) in Feldstetten (about 140 minutes)
Compiled and edited: Rolf Autenrieth, 2002
3,00 5,00
206 The Sebaldusgrave
(Das Sebaldusgrab)
Peter Vischer
3,00 4,00
121 Circular Letters – Leaves to Family History Autenrieth
(Rundbriefe – Blätter zur Familiengeschichte Autenrieth )
Single copies (DIN A4, if available)
Summaries of the circular letters are as follows:
1902 – 1965 in Chronicle I (see Article 100)
1965 – 1991 in Chronicle II (see Article 200)
1992 – 2010 in Chronicle III (see Article 206)
5,00 8,00
100 Chronicle I of the Feldstetter clan band Autenrieth 1902-1965
(Chronik I des Feldstetter Sippenverbandes Autenrieth 1902-1965)
Compiled and edited by: Werner Gebhardt, 1974
– currently out of print –
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102 Familiy Book II
(Familienbuch II)
Completion and continuation of Hugo Schuler’s “Chronicle and Ancestor Boards of the Autenrieth Families” from 1925
Edited by Hans Autenrieth and Werner Gebhardt, 1962/63
Unchanged reprint of the edition of 1962/63 and essay supplements (by year of appearance), Hans Autenrieth, Werner Gebhardt, Otto-Günther Lonhard and Gerd Wunder.
Compilation / Preface Werner Gebhardt 2002
(Please specify in the order execution bound or brochiert specify)

– currently out of print –
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103 Sippenbuch of the Feldstetter family association Autenrieth
(Sippenbuch des Feldstetter Familienverband Autenrieth)
Würzburg, 1937
– currently out of print –
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110 Bourgeoisie in Stuttgart
(Bürgertum in Stuttgart)
Contributions to “Honesty” and to the Autenrieth family
With the words of Prof. Dr. Franz Quarter and Bernd Autenrieth
Book edition of the dissertation of 1998
Author: Dr. Werner Gebhardt, 1999

– currently out of print –
sold out sold out
111 Johannes Autenrieth: The Hohenasperg
(Johannes Autenrieth: Der Hohenasperg)
Records of a commissary commissioner from the Kaiserreich to the Hitlerzeit (1905-1934 with depictions of approximately 50 mainly singular criminal prisoners)
Author: Rolf Autenrieth, 2000

– currently out of print –
sold out sold out
114 The Wurttemberg descent of the Franconian teachers’ families Autenrieth
(Die württ. Abstammung der fränkischen Lehrerfamilien Autenrieth)
Special print of an essay by the “Blätter für Fränkische Familienkunde”, volume 8, issue 1, May 1961 by Werner Gebhardt
DIN A5, binded, 11 pages, 1 parent board.
The essay deals with the long-open ancestry of the strain G. Heubach-Nuremberg from Stuttgart’s Stamm B.

– currently out of print –
sold out sold out
115 The Cannstatter Weissgerber Hans Uttenrieth as a Swabian top ancestor
Der Cannstatter Weißgerber Hans Uttenrieth als schwäbischer Spitzenahnherr)
Special print of an essay from “Familie und Volk. Journal of Genealogy and Population Studies, 1961 by Werner Gebhardt
Booklets 2 and 3. DIN B5, cardboard, 12 pages, 1 tribal sheet.
The essay deals with the oldest contexts of the strain E. Cannstatt-Esslingen and the tribe K. Dinglingen to be joined here and the branch EE. Reusch Ergersheim. Five pages master list.

– is included in the new reprint Family book II –
sold out sold out
116 The Blaubeurer Uttenrieth
(Die Blaubeurer Uttenrieth)
Special print of an essay from “Genealogy – Deutsche Zeitschrift für Familienkunde”, Volume 7, Issue 6, June 1965 by Dr. Otto-Günter Lonhard
DIN B5, carded, 16 pages.
The essay deals with the oldest occurrences of the family in Blaubeuren under the analysis of all available archive sources. As a result, the Stuttgart strain B, as well as the Cannstatt-Esslinger strain E by three generations, the Schorndorf-Heidenheimer Stamm D by two generations more.

– is included in the new reprint Family book II –
sold out sold out
124 Crest Cards
Colored with congratulations for folding
– currently out of print –
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126 Banner
Black / yellow with Autenrieth coat of arms
Width 80 cm, height 200 cm

currently out of print –
sold out sold out
125 crest plate
Diameter 30 cm
– currently out of print –
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Other publications

Dr. Otto-Günter Lonhard
President of the Landesrechnungshof Baden-Württemberg i.R.
The Ur-Autenrieth (Der Ur-Autenrieth)
(See above for more)
Dr. Heinz Autenrieth
1906-1984, Ministerialdirigent, Stuttgart; Chairman of the Association 1970-1974, since 1974 honorary chairman
Autenried, village, castle and church
(Autenried, Dorf, Schloß und Kirche)
On the history of the village and its gentlemen
(Book contribution, 1970)
Werner Autenrieth
Autenrieth research results in the USA
(Autenrieth-Forschungsergebnisse in den USA) (Attachments in circular letters 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1980, 1982, 1984 and 1986)
Dr. Werner Gebhardt
Honorary chairman
Siegfried Gebhardt 1924 – 1945 – Living products
(Siegfried Gebhardt 1924 – 1945 – Lebenszeugnisse)
Preface by Günter Gebhardt, XIV + 362 pages, 17 x 25 cm, with numerous facsimile reproductions and black-and-white images. Esslingen, Germany