Date and place of formation

6 October 1902 in Feldstetten (Baden-Wurttemberg)

Name 1902 to 1965

Feldstetter Sippenverband Autenrieth

Name since 16. October 1965

Familienverband Autenrieth gegr. 1902 e.V.

Purpose (Extract from Articles of Association)

  1. Association of all families and individuals Autenrieth (or similar spellings), as well as all related or family or friends,
    1. for the purpose of carrying out family and personal history research concerning their families and their environment,
    2. to preserve the memory of the ancestors,
    3. for the care of family and friendly connections and
    4. For the preservation and care of the old family graves in Feldstetten.
  2. The association respects the tradition and aims of the founding association of 1902, the former “Feldstetter Sippenverband Autenrieth”, from which the current association has emerged.
  3. The association pursues its aims by issuing association letters (circular letters), by holding family days, through family and personal history researches, by promoting and publishing new research results, as well as through the collection of the resulting archive material.
  4. The research and publications of the association will continue to contribute to the scientific history of the country, place and social history.


The wurttemberg Citypastor Hugo Schuler (1864-1942), whose wife was Emma b. Autenrieth from Feldstetten (1869 – 1964)

Remarkable at the founding time

Only the HEROLD association in Berlin, which is devoted to family history, was founded earlier (1882)

Basic research results, book of 1925

Hugo Schuler
Chronicle and parentheses of the families Autenrieth

Active for over 100 years

Independent and independent of the timings

    • Empire
    • Weimar Republic
    • “Third Reich”
    • Federal Republic of Germany
    • Germany

Problem “Third Reich”

No circular letter is signed with “Heil Hitler!” !
Hugo Schuler, the head of the association, on 20.04.1940 to a confidante in the association:
“I always grasp my gloves when I want to read a newspaper; Is not there … a real Sauherdenton? “